The immovable, statuesque Alps, towering over a fast-moving world. Evelyn and Ike Ikrath have succeeded in combining these adjacent yet opposite spheres in the airy design of five Alpine chalets: Madero, Rosa, Camillo, Ed and Tessa. Perfectly embedded into the hillside, they are like rocks, forests and valleys to the eyes of their creators.

Each one displays a distinct inner life through wide bay windows. Reminiscent of screens, weightless curtains, picture frames, these windows slide open onto an impressive infinity terrace. The borderline between living in and outside is mitigated by this close connection between the inside of the house and the Gastein mountain world.

Tempting though it might be to describe the style of the lofts as minimalist, this description does not do the design justice. The aesthetic intuition of simplicity lovers is what has pulled the strings behind all the choices concerning the lofts’ architecture and interior design. Their clarity and consistency generate a feeling of great force, almost palpable in the atmosphere of all five lofts: it sets the hectic world outside on standby.

Natural local materials of outstanding quality were used for the conception of the Alpine lofts, such as untreated larch, copper, white-oiled spruce or Rauris stone. Underfloor heating  and, in most lofts, a glass-fronted fireplace contribute to making the atmosphere in the chalets warm and cosy. They are fully equipped with quality products – brands such as Charles and Ray Eames, Josef Frank, Littala, Löwe, Miele, Laufen equip the lofts in style.

The lofts are aimed to become a home for families and groups of friends wanting a carefree holiday in an exceptional setting. They also offer a perfect getaway for those who wish to withdraw from their usual everyday life without feeling like they are going into hiding.

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